As from the very first design phase, Guarni&Med provides to the customer its own know-how through a 360° advice and support service, suggesting the most suitable sizes and materials in accordance with the application.

Material choice

The use of first choice raw materials is one of Guarni&Med added values: the close on-going relationship established with its suppliers allows a continuous information exchange and

upgrades on the used compounds, as well as the possibility of designing and manufacturing new gaskets according to the customer’s different needs. In addition to offering a wide range of standard compounds, further compounds according to customers’ specifications are available, both for medical and industrial applications.

Production and Finishing

The production of medical and industrial gaskets is achieved through the use of latest generation machineries. The overall production capacity and the possibility of producing any type of gasket, let Guarni&Med the possibility to be competitive in domestic and foreign market. Each industrial sector shows always new peculiar problems and Guarni&Med can meet the individual customer needs with precision, reliability and punctuality, offering and guaranteeing top quality products. Production must always be at its full potential; the used machineries are up to date and monitored by highly qualified operators and software of latest generation in order to guarantee the total efficiency, both in terms of quality and productivity. The production process is 100% internal. Guarni&Med also has a dedicated department for deburring, grinding and surface finishing of the pieces. This allows flexibility, speed in fulfilling customers’ requests, a better service and a short delivery time, as well as the possibility to have the process 100% under control.

Automatic visual inspection

An integral part of the production process is the visual inspection, carried out by automatic machines, able to quickly inspect large batches of O-Rings and custom parts. All the machines are equipped with cameras that “photograph” the gasket in different positions and record any defects or anomalies. On the basis of set parameters, dimensions are checked, defects detected ( as for example flashes or air bubbles) and flatness verified (mandatory for automatic assembly).

Guarni&Med guarantees a 100% control over all the supplied products.

The laboratory

Guarni&Med laboratory is equipped with precision instruments (rheometer, dynamometer, durometers, thickness tester, automatic projector, callipers, densimeter, ovens), all calibrated with periodic frequency. The lab is responsible for testing every incoming raw material, performing mechanical tests in accordance with customer specifications, issuing the necessary documents (PPAP, FMEA, Flow Chart, control plan, ISIR …) and checking each production batch to approve shipment of the pieces.