Already in the very early design phase, Guarnimed makes its know-how available to the client through an all-round consulting and support service, suggesting the most suitable materials and geometries for the type of application.

The choice of material
The use of first-rate raw materials is one of the many added values of the company: the close relationship established with its suppliers allows for a continuous exchange of information and updates on the compounds used, with the possibility of designing and manufacturing new gaskets according to the varied needs of the Customer. In addition to a wide range of standard compounds, there are many others formulated to meet the specific needs, of different application sectors, from medical to industrial.

Manufacturing and finishing
Guarnimed’s production of medical and industrial gaskets is done through the use of the latest generation of machinery. The overall production capacity and the ability to manufacture any type of gasket according to design allows the company to be competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.
Each industrial sector presents specific problems that are always new, and Guarnimed can respond to individual customer needs with precision, reliability and punctuality, guaranteeing products of absolute quality.
Production is always put in a position to develop its full potential with all state-of-the-art plants monitored by highly qualified operators and the latest generation of software that guarantee total efficiency, both in terms of quality and productivity.
The entire production process is in-house. Guarnimed also has a department completely dedicated to deburring, grinding, post-curing and surface treatment of parts. This allows flexibility, immediate reaction to customer requirements, better service and reduced lead times, as well as the ability to have the process under 100% control.

Automatic selection
An integral part of the production process is the selection carried out by technologically advanced machines working automatically, capable of quickly inspecting large batches of O-rings and technical items. All machines are equipped with multiple cameras capable of intercepting any defects or anomalies on the entire surface of the part.
Guarnimed guarantees 100% inspection on all products it supplies.

The laboratory
The Guarnimed laboratory is equipped with precision instruments (rheometer, dynamometer, durometers, thickness gauges, automatic projector, gauges, densimeter, ovens) calibrated periodically and is responsible for testing each batch of incoming raw material, performing physical-mechanical tests in accordance with customer specifications, checking each production batch to deliberate the shipment of parts and issuing the necessary documentation (PPAP, FMEA, Flow Chart, Cp. Cpk, ISIR, …).