Guarni&Med is specialized in the production of gaskets on drawing and O-rings for different industrial applications, including sanitary, Food & Beverage, drinking water, household appliances, Automotive, Electronic, Valves and fittings and Aerosol&Dispensing.

Thanks to its consolidated know-how, the company has gradually moved its attention and part of investments in R&D to custom parts on drawing. Starting from the analysis of the customer's request, Guarni&Med internally carries out all the needed activities for industrialization and production of the parts.

This allows a better flexibility, speed in fulfilling customers’ needs, quality of service and a short delivery time. Quality and on time delivery are strong points towards customers, starting from suggestions during the offer phase, the production and delivery of finished parts, up to after-sales support.


The company produces standard gaskets but also custom parts, according to the specific customer’s requests. The range of gaskets for sanitary field includes gaskets for faucets, valves, fittings, gaskets for pipes for the transport of drinking water in civil and industrial systems, bathroom accessories and press fittings.


The specialization of Guarni&Med is production of conductive gaskets for electromagnetic shielding, components for the correct functioning of electrical, electronic and telecommunications equipments.

Potable Water

Since the beginning Guarni&Med has dealt with supply of gaskets for the Drinking water field, thanks above all to the strategic choice of certifying suitable raw materials.


Guarni&Med, thanks to the synergy between the operators of the different departments, has implemented the range of gaskets and O-rings for the "Food and Beverage" field and consequently the market opportunities.

Household appliances

Floor washers, food processors, cookware, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and refrigerators are some of the applications for Guarni&Med products. The company has developed production methods for custom molded parts, capable of ensuring a functional finished product.


The Automotive world is wide and varied. Guarni&Med is able to offer a range of gaskets and O-rings, starting from the simplest, up to the most elaborate and customized. Engine parts, braking systems, axles, power steering, pumps and shock absorbers are just some of the applications for O-Rings and gaskets on drawing supplied by Guarni&Med.


The experience in the valves and fittings field has allowed Guarni&Med to develop different rubber compounds suitable for long lasting contact with water, atmospheric agents, direct sunlight and also liquids and small solids which may be diluted or suspended in the treated water.


Guarni&Med is specialized in the manufacture and sale of elastomer gaskets and O-Rings for the Aerosol&Dispensing sector. Thanks also to the possibility of producing in ISO8 Clean Room, we have specialized in the supply of the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector for this application.