Medical gaskets are produced in a dedicated area, our Clean Room certified acc. to ISO 14644-1 class 8. It is a completely clean space where the air is filtered to remove dust particles, microbes in the air, aerosol particles, chemical vapours and other impurities that can contaminate the product.

Our Clean Room can be considered a company into the company, it is divided into the production and finishing area and post-curing, washing and drying area for the finished pieces. It is equipped with injection and compression machines, mechanical deflashing machines, ovens for post-curing, washing machines working with reverse osmosis water and UV filters and dryers powered by filtered air.

Medical gaskets, after being selected and double bagged (latex free), leave the Clean Room through a connection tunnel, used as a pass-box for input and output of material and for the final package in cardboard boxes. Guarni&Med uses its clean room not only for the production of medical items, but also for washing, drying and packaging of industrial items when special cleanliness requirements acc. to specific norms are needed, as for example Automotive, Electronic or Food&Beverage fields.

In August 2019 we inaugurated the new and larger 1,000 square meter clean room located in the new plant dedicated to the production of components for the medical applications.