Sustainability is a MUST for Guarni&Med

Innovation and Product Performance are developed through latest and new production methods for saving raw materials, energy and space and through the research of more and more flexible and compact machines. The "modus operandi" is constantly under discussion to optimize and not to waste anything. Order, cleanliness, protection of the environment (for emissions into the atmosphere in particular), water discharges, noise, use of hazardous substances and separate collection of waste, are activities of continuous awareness in all departments of the company. Guarni&Med tries to involve and motivate the staff in all production stages and makes it more and more aware of the important role it plays in obtaining a high quality level on final product (both for industrial and medical field), respecting the environment, rules and norms relating to environmental aspects, including those voluntary or signed by the organization, in addition to the prescribed requirements for medical products. Guarni&Med initiatives are taken with a view to increase awareness and skills, both for itself and its stakeholders, on the opportunities for a sustainable management of the supply chain and the related life cycle. For Guarni&Med it is also essential that company management is constantly monitored, in order to achieve the best effectiveness of the production processes and the full correspondence of all the rules in force.

Some steps towards developing a sustainable modern technologies industry:

  • 2010

    Installation of the photovoltaic system with a capacity of 110 kw, which produces 110.000 kw/h a year, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide by 58,500 kg.
  • 2014

    Guarni&Med can drastically reduce the use of methane gas for heating thanks to a latest-generation compressor that saves money and energy.
  • 2015

    LED lighting system is installed in all departments.
  • 2016

    The production department is also cooled to replace the already present air conditioning. Electricity savings, improved working conditions for operators during summer and a greater stability for raw materials.
  • 2018

    Guarni&Med installs a closed-cycle distiller in the finishing department which allows washing parts with distilled and 100% recycled water.