Through Research and Development, Guarni&Med is able to process a wide range of materials.
The cooperation with suppliers, customers and qualified laboratories has provided certified compounds, formulated to meet the requirements of different application field.

Some of our certified materials:

  • NBR 70 Sh.A black KTW/UBA, ACS, EN549, B1/H3, W270
  • EPDM 70 black - EP500 - KTW/UBA,ACS,W270,W534,EN681.1, USP classe VI, ISO 10993, NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 ( Visit for a complete listing ).
  • VMQ 70/75 Sh.A red/blue BFR class XV and FDA 21 Cfr.177.2600
  • NBR 70 Sh.A white BFR and FDA 21 Cfr.177.2600
  • HNBR 70 Sh.A yellow EN549 D2/H3

Main features: good mechanical properties. Excellent cold flexibility. Resistant to cooling and hydraulic liquids, to high temperatures, to heat, atmospheric agents, ozone, saline and alkaline solutions, amines and glycols.

Applications: Automotive fields, chemical and electronics industry.

Main features: high permeability to gases and high tensile strength. Resistance to atmospheric agents, great electrical insulation.

Applications: it replaces NR. Pharma, chemical and nuclear fields.

Main features: resistant to oils, aging, abrasion and combustion, refrigerants, ozone, ammonia, diluted hydrocarbons, atmospheric agents, sunlight, sea water and oxygen.

Applications: Automotive field, textile, chemical, mining, building and agricultural sectors.

Main features: excellent dielectric properties, good the mechanical ones. Resistance to aging, atmospheric agents, heat, UV-rays, sea water, vegetable and animal oils, alcohol.

Applications: Food, household, Automotive, sanitary (cold and hot water), in contact with atmospheric agents and ozone, saline solutions, diluted acids, cleansers.

Main features: good behaviour under permanent deformation. Very low values of permeability, fire resistance. Excellent resistance to high temperatures, even with the presence of aggressive hydrocarbons. Resistance against atmospheric agents, UV-rays, steam, oils, fuels, organic solvents and chemicals, greases.

Applications: Automotive field, aerospace, military and chemicals.

Main features: great mechanical values. Good resistance to abrasion, thermal ageing and deformation by compression. Resistance to hydrocarbons, water, ozone, steam, refrigerant gases and liquids, oxygen, mineral, vegetable and silicone oils.
In comparison with NBR it better resists to high temperatures and chemicals.

Applications: oil industry, heating, brakes, cables, piping and gas fields.

Main features: it resists to atmospheric agents, ageing and has excellent dielectric properties. Nontoxic, resists to water and diluted saline solutions, ozone, oxidation, cold, heat, acids, UV and Gamma Rays, glycols, aromatic solvents and oxidising chemical substances.

Applications: food&beverage, electric and electronic, biomedical, pharma, Automotive.

Main features:resistant to oils, hydrocarbons, water, ozone, steam, refrigerant gases, mineral, vegetable and silicone oils, heat, steam, aliphatic hydrocarbons, saline solutions, petrol, gas and emulsifying liquids. Great resistance to ageing. Good mechanical properties.
Compatible with water glycols and with water and oil emulsions.
Applications: Automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic and food&beverage fields.

Main features: excellent elasticity and elongation at break. Good resistance to shear, usury, tear, abrasion and electricity. Resistant to sea water, cold and acids. Good permeability to gases.

Applications: Automotive, sanitary and medical fields.

Main features: resistant to electricity, aging and high temperatures. Pure material, resistant to atmospheric agents, ozone, UV-rays and heat.

Applications: Automotive, electronic, food, medical and pharmaceutical fields.