Innovation and product performance


The production policy of the company has always been driven for higher quality achieved by continuous research and investment.

The main feature of the production process of Guarni&Med is definitely the instrumentation used in the laboratory: the company employs, in fact, 9 automated machines of the latest generation, used for the quality control of medical and industrial gaskets, from the planning stage right through to the testing.

These modern machines are equipped with cameras, capable of inspecting the created gaskets from different angles and then recording  defects or abnormalities on the basis of predetermined parameters, which determines the conformity or not of the gasket.

In addition, dimensional tolerances are checked, eventual defects detected (such as burrs and air bubbles), and surface is monitored. This one must be perfectly smooth in order to allow automatic assembling of gaskets.
The next stage sees the gasket move to the testing laboratory, equipped with precision instruments (gauges, hardness testers, thickness gauge, ovens, automatic projector, densitometer) tuned and calibrated periodically.

In Guarni&Med, next to the control of robotic equipment, there are also professionals operator constantly trained and highly skilled who perform a manual check of the medical and industrial produced seals.

The laboratory Staff could perform different activities:
  • Research of suitable materials according to customer specification
  • Incoming inspection
  • Functional tests
  • Reporting
  • In-process and final controls
  • Approval and Certification
A well balanced combination of the highest technology and our market approach allow us to satisfy the most restricted demand coming from the wide range of our customers.
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