Innovation and product performance

Gaskets for Electrical Appliances Manufacture Industry

Guarni&Med is able to realize standard and personalized gaskets for Electrical appliances.

The company handles with the production of standard and personalized gaskets for big and small electrical appliances: components for washing-floors machines, kitchen-robot, pots, vacuums cleaner, dishwashers, refrigerators.

As there are many different requirements in the field of electrical appliances, Guarni&Med has developed methods of production that allow realization of seals ad hoc and according customer desire.

Essential for this kind of gaskets is: compatibility with food, obtained with use of appropriate compounds like liquid silicon (it is inert, therefore tasteless and odorless); resistance to high temperature, but also mechanical resistance and electrical isolation.

Guarni&Med is aware, together with electrical appliance industry, that reliability over time is guaranteed by quality of raw materials and accuracy during the different work phases.
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