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Gaskets and O-rings for respiratory therapy

Guarni&Med is engaged in the production of medical seals and o-rings for machine used in respiratory therapy. The medical seals for the equipment used by therapists are produced following procedures certified and controlled manually by skilled operators.

Respiratory therapy consists principally in pulmonology rehabilitation (or respiratory), which provides a non-pharmacological treatment of patients with a chronic respiratory diseases. Medical gaskets and o-rings, realized by Guarni&Med, are specifically designed for machines used in chest physiotherapy, respiratory muscle training and physical training of the general musculature.

The company is able to produce and realize medical standard gaskets for the type and size, and design custom gaskets in accordance with the specific requirements of the client, specifically designed for the medical field.

Through the careful choice of materials and models for medical seals and O-rings, Guarni&Med ensures the realization of a quality finished product by optimizing the reliability of several facilities in the health sector.
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