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Gaskets and O-rings for orthopedic drainage

Guarni&Med deals with the design, production and supply of seals for medical gaskets used in orthopedic drainage. The drainage carries out elimination of air drainage, serum, blood, lymph, intestinal secretions, bile and pus from the operate zones.

For the realization of the medical seals and o-rings for orthopedic drainage, Guarni&Med employs highly specialized operators and advanced machinery, ensuring the supply of the highest quality.

The medical seals specific for orthopedic drainage, produced by Guarnimed, are primarily made in liquid and solid silicone.
The series of medical seals is divided into different grades by techniques characteristic and mechanical performance, to meet different application requirements in machinery health dedicated to the orthopedic drainage. The medical silicone gaskets produced by

Guarni&Med are made to the highest quality standards and are proposed as medical customized gaskets and made according to different requirements of customers.
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