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Gaskets and O-rings for hemodialysis

Guarni&Med is specialized in the design and production of medical seals for specific medical equipment for hemodialysis.
The hemodialysis is a physical therapy replacement of renal function administered to subjects in whom it is critically reduced.
The medical gaskets realized by Guarni&Med guarantee maximum reliability in the manufacture of machinery, placed outside the patient's body, used for the treatment of purification of the blood through a filter system consisting of artificial membranes.

In hemodialysis the blood of the patient is subjected to the physical principle of dialysis, the blood is made to slide in a filter in which it comes into contact with a semipermeable membrane through which pass only (or at least in greater quantities) toxic substances that you want to remove .

The seals are used to achieve medical equipment whose filter system allows, in addition to the removal of substances, also the reintegration of the alkaline radicals, so the rebalancing of the acid - base.

The treatment of Hemodialysis includes the removal of liquids in the diet and not eliminated with the urine output, which can be extremely reduced or absent in patients in end-stage renal disease.

The seals for hemodialysis are made in liquid silicone and paste silicone according to the highest quality standards in order to satisfy the needs of hemodialysis machines of the latest generation components that require highly qualified dialysis to allow high efficiency and extremely safe.

The production of gaskets and o-rings for medical equipment for hemodialysis takes place employing highly qualified people under controlled conditions to ensure maximum efficiency in the implementation and the optimal level of quality in the created products.
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