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Gaskets and O-rings for extracorporeal blood circulation

Guarni&Med deals with the design, production and supply of medical seals and o-rings specific for machinery for the extracorporeal blood circulation.
The extracorporeal circulation (ECC) is a biomedical device that ensures the survival of surgical patients by temporarily replacing the cardio-pulmonary functions.

The seals are designed through the highest standards of quality and are offered to customers as customized medical seals and customized according to different needs, ensuring high performance and high levels of automation.

The machines for the extracorporeal blood circulation cannot be separated from the use of medical quality seals that ensure a high level of efficiency.

The machines supports a therapy particularly sensitive: it works during surgery, aspirating the blood before it gets to the right heart, that is, from the superior vena cava and from the lower (de-saturated blood), channeling through cannulas and tubes in an oxygenator and then pushing it into the arterial system of the patient.

For the realization of the extracorporeal circulation circuit are essential components and medical certificated seals, which are essential in making fully functional such complexes medical equipments.

The gaskets and o-rings for medical machinery for the extracorporeal circulation, created by Guarni&Med, are guaranteed by the targeted selection of raw materials and through the knowledge of production processes, which ensures guaranteed quality and reliability of each individual delivery.
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