Innovation and product performance


Planning, production and distribution of medical and industrial gaskets

Guarni&Med is an Italian company grounded on September 2009. It supplies seals for medical and industrial field.

The main features of rubber gaskets are endurance and maximum resistance, that’s why production has always to be at the top of its potentiality. The  production equipment of Guarni&Med is monitored by highly qualified operators in order to guarantee total efficiency for both quality and high productivity, (it is possible to realize more than 2.000.000 pieces per day). These aspects make rubber seals very competitive on national and international markets.

The use of high quality materials is one of Guarni&Med’s guidelines. The excellent and constant relationship with suppliers of row material allows a continuous exchange of information , updates of new materials and creation of new compound according the different requirements of customer. The technical department works every day to meet market demands
Production process – Manufacturing phase
The production of medical and industrial gaskets is realized through  machines of the latest technology  and it is based on a wide range of standard and more specific compounds, to satisfy the needs of customers. The technology of rubber is in continuous development  in order to improve basilar propriety of rough elastomers and to experiment new possibility.
Elastomers should be consider like a very-high viscosity liquid, not squeezable, with a very-high superficial tension, therefore they have a particular behavior when assembled  in a sealing  system and exposed to pressure.                    

Integral part of the production process is the inspection of the product carried out by 9 machines technologically advanced and working in automatic way, able to check quickly large batches of O-rings and of technical articles.
These machines are equipped with cameras, sensors and laser able to "photograph" the gasket from different positions and register then any defects or anomalies, according to which the gasket will be scrapped from the process.
Based on pre-set parameter, gaskets are visually and dimensionally checked. Flatness and Roundness, essential aspects for the automatic assembly are part of this selection.

The next stage is the transition to the testing laboratory, equipped with precision instruments (hardness and thickness testers, rheometer, density balance, gauges, ovens) tuned and calibrated periodically.
After being checked, the biomedical and industrial seals leave the laboratories and are destined to be packed and shipped to the customer in the shortest possible time.


The realization of the medical seals are done in a separate area of the company, the Clean Room, a completely clean environment (the air is repeatedly filtered to remove particles of dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors other impurities because they can damage the production of gaskets for the medical sector), in which there are injection and compression presses, mechanical deburring, a roller mixer for the preparation of specific compounds, bi-components  simultaneously with the molding, two ovens for post curing, a washing and  drying machine powered with treated water by reverse-osmosis and UV filter.
The clean room can be used, not only for medical gaskets, but also for special processing of industrial gaskets applicable to certain industrial sectors (for example electronic and aerospace).
In addition to the clean room, the other areas of the company prepared to design and production of industrial gaskets include presses for plastic-rubber over-molding, compression and injection presses of different tonnage and different finishing technologies for the production of the widest variety seals for the industrial sector.
The production process of the medical seals accounts for about 20% of the total production of Guarnimed; the remaining 80% is the result of the production and distribution of seals for various industrial sectors, from electronic sector, household appliances, automotive, food up to the hydraulic and from civil engineering.

Guarni&Med, thanks to its experience in the design and manufacture of seals for medical and industrial use, provides an additional service of great value, not only involved with the production of commissioned gaskets, but considering the whole production process of the company customer, to try to eliminate or minimize any ecological and environmental problems arising from the equipment (on which will be applied the gasket), optimizing in this way the whole production process, avoiding hypothetical work-line-stop due, for example, to the cleaning of machine.

In a sector dominated mainly by the search for standardization of production processes, Guarni&Med proposes itself on the Market as a highly dynamic and flexible company, specialized in manufacturing customized seals and continuously technologically upgraded
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