Innovation and product performance

Who we are

Who we are
Guarni&Med is an Italian company founded in September 2009, and is dealing with the production and distribution of seals for medical and industrial use.
In February 2010, the company appeared on national and international market, starting its production activities focused molding, finishing, inspection, packing and finishing gaskets and technical elastomers and seals thermoplastic materials.
Who we are
The synergy between the staff implemented the market opportunities  completing the range of products.
The high skilled and experienced staff is able to support  the customer at each stage of the process with expertise, reliability, quality and competitive prices.
Who we are
Moulding, Finishing, Inspection, Packaging, Supplying of gaskets  and technical articles made by elastomers and thermoplastic materials.

Engineers and technicians offer ideas and assist the customer during the co-design-phase in order to find the best solution for each specific  application.

Experience, Research, Investments, High Technology equipments, Human Resources place Guarni&Med today among the market leaders supplier in the manufacturing of rubber and thermoplastic components.

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