Innovation and product performance

Green vision

Green vision
For Guarni&Med each activity of design, manufacture and marketing of gaskets for industrial and medical trade is characterized by a constant drive for renovation in order to optimize increasingly processing , in order to optimize all production phases and to ensure a range of seals of high quality, that are able to anticipate and exceed the expectations and needs of the most demanding customers.

Accuracy, flexibility, wide range of seals for the medical and industrial sector and satisfaction of any  request, are the most important factor on which Guarni&Med leverages to be a partner for the customer and win their trust.
Innovation and product performance of Guarni&Med are developed through new production methods for the saving of raw material, energy and space, studying machinery more flexible and compact.
The "modus operandi" is constantly under discussion in order  to optimize the production chain and waste nothing.
Green vision
Tidy, cleanliness, environmental protection, in particular for air emission, water discharges, noise to the outside, use of dangerous substances and collection of garbage; constitute activities of a continuous sensitization and consciousness in all Guarni&med activities.

For Guarni&Med, make their client faithful is to offer not only  customized seals and services with the highest quality standards, but also innovative, advanced and durable solutions.
The word "problem" is outlawed, only opportunities and solutions.

For Guarni&Med is imperative to involve the staff, motivating and making it more element of the company's development and increasingly aware of the importance of their role with about the quality, respect for the environment, the legal requirements relating to environmental aspects, including those voluntary or subscribed  by the organization, in addition to the requirements for medical products.

For Guarni&Med is imperative that business management is continuously monitored in order to pursue the best efficiency of the processes of production and full compliance with all the in force regulations of jurisdiction.
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