Innovation and product performance


Guarni&Med industrial plant is equipped either with injection or compression presses with different tons and capacity and specific production technology able to produce the broadest range of rubber products.

Already in the earliest phase of the design of the gaskets, Guarni&Med makes available to the buyer own know-how through a service of consultancy and assistance to 360 degrees, suggesting the materials and gaskets most suitable for the type of application.

The use of raw materials of first choice is one of the many added values ​​of the company: the close relationship with our suppliers allows a continuous exchange of information and updates on the compounds used, addition to the ability to design and produce new gaskets according to the varied needs of the customer.

The overall production capacity (can be realized over 2,000,000 gaskets every day) and the ability to create any type of custom gaskets, allows the company to be competitive on the national and international market.
Each industry presents always new specific issues and Guarni&Med is able to respond to individual customer needs with precision, reliability and punctuality, ensuring the highest quality of industrial gaskets.

The entire production process is completely and internally carried on.
Results:  Flexibility, Fast Reaction to customer demands, Best Service and Shortest Delivery Time.
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