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Planning and realization of gaskets for gas industry

Planning and realization of gaskets for gas industry

Guarni&Med has been involved in the production of gaskets used for the regulation of gas devices

Customer required a gasket that allow the isolation of gas opposed to the flame for all its lighting devices in its factory so Guarni&Med was commissioned to realized special micro-seals to satisfy  this aim.

The first step was an in-depth analysis of product features, in order to achieve the best possible seals able to fit customer’s need.
In the next phase the technical department of Guarni&Med advanced the planning of a special gasket starting from dimensional and geometrical analysis and research of a suitable compound.

Thanks to its experience and capability in the realization of industrial seals, Guarni&Med was able to analyzed the whole manufacturing process of the customer’s company. This action highlighted some technical and management problems during the productive process: to allow the automatic assembling the previous gasket used by customer were treated with a particular material, the graphite, that generated micro-particle pollution during its treatment. 

This caused a double negative effect: increase of environmental pollution (and deterioration of operator’s work conditions) and frequency  stop of machines in order to allow the cleaning (with consequent deterioration of company’s performance and business).  

After this analysis Guarni&Medrealized fitting gaskets with optimized shape, compound, and dimensions for  the final product.
Moreover Guarni&Med was able to study an alternative treatment with ecological material to allow the automatic assembling avoiding the pollution problems caused by graphite.
The technical study of Guarnimed allowed to exceed customer’s expectations and reach more targets:
  • Planning and realization of a custom-cut seal that allow the isolation of gas opposed to the flame for the lightening devices of the company.
  • Improvement of manufacturing chain of the company, cancelling ecological problems and allowing conformity to the current norms
  • Increasing of company’s performance
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