Innovation and product performance


In this section you can find all the specific terms relating to molding, finishing, control, packing and supply of gaskets and technical elastomers and thermoplastics.
Clean Room

Clean Room is a production company area controlled atmosphere


The compound is the product obtained by the union rubber with different chemical agents designed to stabilize it, color it and give it the material properties you want to full


The hydrometer or densitometer is an instrument for measuring density of a soled or liquid substance.


The durometer is a measuring instrument used to measure the hardness of materials


Elastomer in a substance which has chemical and physical properties typical of the natural rubber


A gasket is a mechanical device of static seal that is positioned in compression between two parts of different objects

Injection molding

Liquid silicon

 It's a two-component silicone rubber for the production of elastic seals and o-rings through the process of injection molding


The O-ring is a rubber seals with a circular section of different sizes

Thickness gauge

The thickness gauge is a measuring instrument used in industry and mechanical technology, which allows you to measure thickness.

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