Innovation and product performance

Gaskets for Hydraulic Industry

Guarni&Med realizes a wide range of gaskets and thermoplastic material for every hydraulic applications, in all standard measures but also personalized according customer desire.

Hydraulic gaskets produced by Guarni&Med includes components for heavy hydraulic movement, pistons, oil-hydraulic billet, thermo hydraulic system for heat/cold, oil filter, press–fittings
Thanks to its experience Guarni&Med is able to use different compounds fitting with water contacts, but in the same time resistance to atmospheric agents, and possible liquids and small solids present in the water.

The range of Guarni&Med includes elastic gaskets, anti-crushing, anti-abrasive, self lubricating, anti-laceration, with particular treatment and compounds, anti-impact, for aggressive oils and liquids, for very high and very low temperature, anti-wear, with very high mechanic resistance, with very high resistance to permanent deformation, etc.

Quality of gaskets and punctuality are the main strength of Guarni&Med in the relationship with the customer, starting from initial consultancy to realization and shipment of final Gaskets
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