Innovation and product performance

Gaskets for pneumatic Industry

Guarni&Med  has a lot of experience in the study and realization of Gaskets, O-rings and thermoplastic items for pneumatic field.

Pneumatic gaskets are used mainly to restrain fluids like compressed air and gas. Therefore Guarni&Med  uses compounds able to offer the best compromise between resistance to friction and wear, nature of fluid and effects of temperature and pressure.

The production includes both standard articles, like pistons for pneumatic cylinder, retaining rings, and articles according customer’s drawing. In general Guarni&Med realizes gaskets of high quality for transport components, control and pressure of air, pneumatic valve, pistons and press-fittings.

Gaskets in pneumatic field are: elastic, anti-crushing, anti-abrasive, self lubricating, anti-laceration, with particular treatment and compounds, anti-impact, for aggressive oils and liquids, for very high and very low temperature, anti-wear, with very high mechanic resistance, with very high resistance to permanent deformation, ecc.

Guarni&Med offers also assistance to its customer both during the choice of material and concerning the manufacturing  process of customer’s company, in order to cancel or limit ecological or environmental problems (i.e. micro-particle  pollution) and to optimized the manufacturing chain avoiding hypothetical stop during production caused, for example, by the cleaning of machines
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