Innovation and product performance

Gaskets for Health Industry

Guarni&Med is specialized in the production of high quality gaskets and O-ring for sanitary field.
The company is able not only to produce standard sanitary gaskets, but also to realize gaskets and O-rings according costumer’s drawing.

The range of gaskets produced and delivered by Guarni&Med  for sanitary field includes: gaskets for fitting, valves, seals used in civil and industrial systems for potable water, accessories for bathroom and press-fittings.

Raw materials are selected and carefully tested in order to verify their compatibility with requested specifications. In this way a dedicated quality control during the different critical phases, from initial steps to finished gasket, is guaranteed.
Resistance to high and low temperature and resistance to use (low deformation and high elasticity) are the main features that sanitary gaskets have to satisfied. Moreover they don’t have to be toxic.

For this reasons Guarni&Med uses for this seals compounds of high purity and, where needed, silicon compounds
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