Innovation and product performance

Gaskets and O-rings for orthopedic surgery

Guarni&Med deals with the design, production and supply of medical silicone seals, for equipment and implants used in orthopedic surgery and therapy.
The orthopedic surgery treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, particularly injuries due to trauma.

The equipment used for this type of operations require medical and seals components extremely reliable: through the careful selection of raw materials and the meticulous attention to every step of production, Guarnimed is able to respond effectively to this need by providing medical seals meeting the highest quality standards.

Guarni&Med produces medical customized gaskets and o-rings, according the needs of the client, confirming its position as the top supplier of range for the tools and machinery used in orthopedic surgery and therapy. The orthopedic treatment has grown enormously and makes use of a more refined choice of materials and the increasing technological knowledge of the same. The careful selection and greater expertise have enabled a better seal of metal osteosynthesis of a more perfect operation of joint prosthesis.

These implants make use of materials from the aerospace industry that have unusual mechanical properties and have greater local tolerability.

The Guarni&Med medical seals for machines for orthopedic surgery carried out mainly in liquid and solid  silicone.
Guarni&Med, through the creation and delivery of quality gaskets, optimize the reliability of the equipment in the medical sector specific of orthopedics.
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