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Gaskets and O-rings for infusion therapy

Thanks to its experience in the design and supply of gaskets and o-rings for the medical field Guarni&Med offers a high quality service in the production of gaskets for specific medical equipment used in medical infusion therapy.

The infusion therapy consists in the administration of fluids and drugs directly into the bloodstream through a vascular access device - VAD- which includes needle or catheter with cannula, inserted into a peripheral or central vein.

Through this equipment it is possible to give fluids, electrolytes, nutrients, blood products and medications, getting a vital support to the patient and adequate nutrition. For the realization of the vascular access device are essential thermoplastic components and medical seals certificate performing medical in order to make it fully functional such complexes medical equipments.

The gaskets and o-rings for machinery for medical infusion therapy, realized by Guarni&Med are guaranteed by the targeted selection of raw materials and through the knowledge of production processes, which ensures the quality and reliability of each individual delivery.

The materials used for the production of medical gaskets for infusion therapy are mainly liquid and solid silicone.
Guarni&Med designs and produces seals for this specific medical field using the latest equipment and highly skilled people and ensuring a meticulous control of every stage of the process.

Medical Silicone Gaskets for infusion therapy produced by Guarni&Med are made on commission ensuring highly customizable based on the needs of the customer.
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